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We are very fortunate to be able to live in this beautiful village set in a conservation area. Wootton Courtenay has lots of special architectural and historic interest, buildings and sites, as well as being on the stunning and exciting landscape of the Exmoor National Park.

‘The common, overgrown with fern, and rough
With prickly gorse, that, shapeless and deform'd.
And dang'rous to the touch, has yet its bloom,
And decks itself with ornaments of gold,
Yields no unpleasing ramble ; there the turf
Smells fresh, and, rich in odorif 'rous herb?
And iungous fruits of earth, regales the sense
With luxury of unexpected sweets.’

Extract from ‘THE TASK’ by William Cowper – 1785

And how lucky we are to benefit from so many well run facilities, in such a small, but very community minded village! As long as we continue to support these facilities and the many thriving clubs and societies, then the Village will continue to flourish, for the benefit of not only ourselves but for future residents.

‘Of all situations for a constant residence, that which appears to me most delightful is a little village far in the country; a small neighbourhood, not of fine mansions finely peopled, but of cottages and cottage-like houses, 'messuages or tenements,' as a friend of mine calls such ignoble and nondescript dwellings, with inhabitants whose faces are as familiar to us as the flowers in our garden; a little world of our own, close-packed and insulated like ants in an ant-hill, or bees in a hive, or sheep in a fold, or nuns in a convent, or sailors in a ship; where we know every one, are known to every one, interested in every one, and authorised to hope that every one feels an interest in us. How pleasant it is to slide into these true-hearted feelings from the kindly and unconscious influence of habit, and to learn to know and to love the people about us, with all their peculiarities, just as we learn to know and to love the nooks and turns of the shady lanes and sunny commons that we pass every day.’

Extract from ‘OUR VILLAGE’ By Mary Russell Mitford -1893


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